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    United Arab Emirates – Dubai – Deira – Port Saeed Street – Sapphire Tower Office 511

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    +971 55 12 777 37

    +971 52 41 377 70

    +971 52 90 455 44


    Gold Land Company Center in Morocco- Kenitra

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    Modern gold and treasure detectors 2020

    A comprehensive study of tests and experiments has been conducted for all detection and exploration devices around the world, and these new devices have been developed and innovated to be free from defects and to work with 100% certain accuracy
    For inquiries about new devices, offers and discounts, please call us or write to us on WhatsApp

    Characteristics and specifications of our modern products

    New advanced systems, long-range dual-sensing, fast inductive pulses, ultrasound, visual imaging and scanning, infrared, dual ion scanning, fast wave transmission signals, 3D imaging, GPS scanning processor, separate color digital screens, screens Electronic digital, modern, simplified programs.

    Our modern devices are distinguished

    Fast, streamlined, flexible, robust and durable, suitable for all environmental conditions and terrain, lightweight, small in size, easy to use, outstanding performance, simplified operation and technology, easy-to-master programs, complete and comprehensive identification, quality and assurance, field trials, competitive prices, warranty And a long guarantee, a training course, an Arabic and English catalog, an educational CD that contains all educational programs, guaranteed shipping to all countries of the world within 3 working days, (hand-over service for our customers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia exclusively), after-sales services.